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Primexis announces the appointment and recruitment of 3 new directorsation

8 December 2022
3 new directors primexis

Primexis, an independent specialist accounting and operational consulting firm, is continuing their dynamic growth and 2020-2024 strategic plan by nominating and recruiting three new directors.

The goal is to reinforce and strengthen their position as a key partner to financial and human resources departments.

With 360 employees, Primexis aims to increase their turnover by more than 50%, expand the number of partners and directors, and significantly increase the number of employees by the end of their 2024 strategic plan.

Guillaume Hubert  is appointed as Director within the Management Control Department

With a master’s degree in Corporate and Market Finance, Guillaume Hubert started his career in large companies before joining Primexis in 2014 to carry out management control assignments in various business sectors. He works with financial departments in specific performance management and operational consulting. He has extensive knowledge of reporting and cash management issues.

Nathalie Severin joins the HR & Pay Department as Director of Social and HR Consulting

With a master’s degree in HR, Nathalie Severin has had several positions in international small and medium-sized enterprises (PME) and intermediate-sized enterprises (ETI). She has a wide range of expertise that allows her to work in different sectors of HR and create the link between strategy and operational assistance. For more than 20 years, Nathalie has acquired good experience through assignments in development, HR consulting, project management, and transformation.

Jack Capps joins the Real Estate Department as Director

Jack Capps is a chartered account and has developed a recognized expertise in financial consulting and assistance in the Real Estate and Private Equity sectors over the course of his 12 years of experience. He assists French and international real estate investor funds throughout the entire investment cycle (acquisition, operation, realization, and portfolio arbitrage). He has extensive knowledge in special vehicles such as Undertakings for Collective Real Estate Investment (OPCI), Listed Real Estate Investment Companies (SIICs), and other Alternative Investment Funds (FIAs).

“We are delighted to welcome the three new directors and are confident that they will help us achieve our 2024 strategic objectives. Our goal is to continue to develop our service offerings for financial and human resources departments while still providing tailored assistance for our clients and partners”
Oliver Touchard, Primexis President, stated.

The press release is available here.

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