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Accounting & Finance

For more than 45 years, Primexis has been the reference partner for finance departments. To provide the best possible solution to every accounting and finance challenge large-cap corporations face, a dedicated 40-person team of immediately operational experts works in close collaboration with your teams. 

Your challenges

Are you looking for a manager to supervise your teams and guarantee your deliverables’ quality and deadline for an SSC or for general accounting, tax, or auxiliary accounting services for clients or suppliers? Do you want to reinforce your teams to handle a surge in activity or solve an ad hoc problem? Do you need external assistance to help implement a new accounting standard? Do you have a project to reduce your financial closing time and are looking for support? Are you changing your information system and want to strengthen your project teams? 

Operational Support

Our consultants, with their operational knowledge and the firm’s support, are able to reinforce your teams in all accounting and finance processes to guarantee reliable information in accordance with the current standards and related deadlines.

Our areas of expertise

  • Reinforcement at any level for a temporarily vacant position: due to pending recruitment, internal mobility, long-term absences, staff assigned to other projects, or a temporary hiring freeze
  • Assistance during a surge in activity: integrating new entities or organizational changes 

ERP Project Assistance

An ERP system change is a large-scale project that requires a significant mobilization of resources and multi-sector knowledge. Our teams are able to help you reinforce your project team and will provide you with our credentials and experience acquired from other environments. 

Our areas of expertise

  • Changing an ERP system or implementing an additional system: defining needs, migrating historical data, testing phases, training, and change management 
  • Upgrading ERP system versions  
  • Integrating new entities in accordance with the core model 
  • Integrating component solutions to ERP systems: banking data and order, inventory or sales management 
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GAAP & Reporting Standards

The accounting profession is constantly changing to improve the reliability and the comparability of data and also to respond to new societal and environmental information constraints. To meet these requirements, the finance function is a key contributor.

Our employees, who are trained and up to date on the most recent standards, can assist you in carrying out and implementing the required changes. 

Our areas of expertise

  • Operational implementation of IFRS 16 
  • Assistance in implementing IFRS 15
  • Participating in implementing transfer pricing documentation 

Internal Control & Process Optimization

In increasingly complex environments, internal control and processes guarantee the production of quality finance information in a timely manner.

As an external reviewer, our teams will provide you with an outside and independent assessment and offer you changes that we can implement. 

Our areas of expertise

  • Assistance in reducing closing times
  • Standardizing a year-end closing binder 
  • Identifying risks and offering operational solutions  
  • Drafting operating modes and procedures 
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Collaboration & Teamwork
Concrete examples of engagements
Reinforcement as Finance Director
SAP Implementation
IFRS 16 Implementation
Reporting Process Review


Large-scale distribution, turnover of more than 70 billion euros 


Engagement objective

Reinforcement as a finance director for an import entity after a voluntary departure  


Tasks performed 

  • Supervised a team of about twenty employees 
  • Ensured reliable and quality financial and tax information in accordance with the group’s deadline and instructions 
  • Prepared the annual budget, analyzed the gaps, and established the pluriannual strategic plan
  • Analyzed existing processes and considered the improvements and/or simplifications to be executed
  • Implemented paperless sales invoices and studied a paperless invoice system for purchases of goods and maritime transport 
  • Trained newly recruited managers 


Electrical installation sector, turnover of close to 30 billion euros 


Engagement objective

Transfer 19 group holdings to SAP 


Tasks performed 

  • Identified specific needs related to the holdings 
  • Performed the necessary adaptations for the core model, accounting interpreter, and cash flow software  
  • Created account mapping between the previous software system and SAP, taking the different applicable standards into account 
  • Prepared data for migration and inspected integrated data 
  • Carried out non-regression tests following the changes implemented in the cash flow software 
  • Trained and assisted the teams during the first closings in SAP 


Transport sector, turnover of more than 30 billion euros 


Engagement objective

Operational implementation of IFRS 16 within a department 


Tasks performed 

  • Ensured the reliability of baseline data through contract completeness and reliable data inspections 
  • Carried out tests, acceptance, and correction follow-up to ensure the configuration’s accuracy  
  • Transferred data to the tool, including the specificities of a pro rata period and processing exemptions
  • Established and helped with accounts production for monthly reporting
  • Change management: drafted procedures and operating modes and assisted various parties in ensuring implementation follow-up 


Water treatment sector, turnover of around 30 billion euros 


Engagement objective

Render the reporting process more reliable and improve the quality of processing information from multiple sources 


Tasks performed 

  • Optimized the files used to streamline the various steps 
  • Implemented preliminary documents and accompanying operating modes for each cycle to facilitate reporting data
  • Standardized accounting mappings and schemas used in every company 
  • Created a reliable audit trail to track adjustments made during each period 
  • Optimized certain processes by using ERP features 

Our teams,
Our skills

Primexis’ Accounting and Finance team is specialized in supporting finance departments with operational support and projects of any nature.

  • Consultants with higher education degrees in accounting from universities or business schools who regularly build their expertise through internal and external training programs 
  • A team dedicated to committing themselves to your finance departments and employees who work quickly while adapting to your organization’s specificities and requirements for each engagement
  • An immediately operational and solution-oriented approach fostered by knowledge of how large groups function and the use of different standards, in particular French standards and IFRS 
  • Knowledge of the main tools: SAP, PeopleSoft, JDE, Ax Dynamics, SAP FC, Sage 1000, HFM, Basware, and Concur 
  • A consulting approach that provides you with not only each employee’s skills but also the firm’s overall support, including the knowledge acquired collectively through previous engagements

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