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Group Information Systems

Our 30-person team specialized in implementing Group Information Systems, using their combined technical and functional expertise, is at your service. Their know-how in integrating EPM solutions guarantees coverage of functional requirements and long-term scalability. Thanks to a structured and tried-and-tested approach, we can provide you with the keys to guarantee your project’s success.

Your challenges 

Do you want to select a new consolidation and reporting platform? Or implement a new EPM solution? Do you require assistance from a technical and functional team on a project? Do you wan to upgrade your current solution or customization? Or ensure the scalability of your EPM solution? Do you rely on a ready-to-use consolidation and reporting system? Do you need help maintaining your application?

Primexis’ Group Information Systems team of experts relies on a combination of technical and functional skills to build an adapted solution to cover all your functional requirements.

EPM Solutions Implementation

We can take care of all or part of integrating your new EPM solution. 

Our areas of expertise

  • Consolidation and reporting EPM platforms 
  • Disclosure management including ESEF/iXBRL aspects 
  • BI and Dashboarding (Power BI and Data visualization)  
  • Lease monitoring solutions (K-IFRS 16) 
  • Prepare budget  

Our software partners: SAP, Fluence, CCh Tagetik, Board, Shuttle, Sturnis, Invoke, Vena Solutions, DataBlend, Pigment

Functional Specifications Assistance

Using on their industry knowledge and technical skills, our experts are able to assist with and advise on the following areas: 

  • Processing EPM / XP&A platform and solution selection and functional requirement assistance with selecting tools and project reconciliation  
  • Preparing functional requirements documentation
  • Producing general and detailed functional and technical requirements (blueprint) documentation
  • Functional testing, checking customization, and producing associated documentation 
  • Recovering historical data 

Our areas of expertise

  • Implementing standards and regulatory changes within solutions
  • EPM Solution or platform Functional migration

Application maintenance & Upgrades (TPAM)

We can assist you in managing your solution or platform to maintain business continuity for the users as well as in integrating changes, whether they are functional or related to changes in accounting standards. 

Our areas of expertise

  • Temporarily reinforcing the application administration team 
  • Internal, accounting standards, or regulatory changes that lead to changes in the customization 
  • Assistance in operating the applications and user management
  • Technical and functional support during reporting cycles

Primexis Cloud

Primexis has developed a platform based on SAP Financial Consolidation technology that provides an immediately available and operational integrated consolidation and performance management solution: Primexis Cloud

Primexis Cloud is an integrated solution that: 

  • Consolidates under multiple accounting standards (IFRS and ANC 2020-21) 
  • Produces financial and operational reporting (actual, budget, and forecast)
  • Analyzes multiple performance indicators 
  • Distributes and shares information

Technical Maintenance & Assistance

Primexis’ technical experts are dedicated to maintaining and upgrading your technical EPM infrastructure. 

Our areas of expertise

  • Installing EPM solutions 
  • Migrating, upgrading, or installing service packs and versions 
  • Auditing and optimizing platform
  • Producing technical documentation (Technical Architecture documentation, Technical Operational documentation, etc.) 
  • Technology monitoring
Collaboration & Teamwork
Typical Projects and Interventions
Implement EPM Solutions
Functional Specifications Assistance
Application Maintenance and Upgrades (TPAM)
Primexis Cloud​
Consulting and Technical Assistance


No. 1 ready-to-wear group, turnover of 1.1 billion euros


Project objectives

  • Implement SAP Financial Consolidation (replacing FCRS)
  • This project involved both functional and technical teams


Our achievements  

  • Led workshops related to defining functional requirements
  • Produced the documentation related to general design
  • Produced technical and functional detailed design documentation for statutory consolidation and reporting scenarios
  • Produced documentation for the technical interface (from SAP ERP to SAP Financial Consolidation)
  • Customized SAP Financial Consolidation
  • Assisted during the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase
  • Trained consolidation team and end-users
  • Project management


Cooperative group specialized in the agriculture field, turnover of 5.1 billion euros


Project objectives

Assist the finance department, in partnership with the software vendor, in implementing CCH Tagetik, covering statutory consolidation, cash flow monitoring, and actual and forecast reports


Our achievements  

  • Led the project management
  • Led workshops dedicated to defining functional requirements
  • Produced documentation related to functional requirements
  • Carried out User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase
  • Performed historical data recovery
  • Assisted with change management


Automotive equipment manufacturer, turnover of 17.3 billion euros


Project objectives

Assist with application maintenance and upgrading SAP FC application relating to statutory consolidation and reporting requirements


Our interventions 

  • Analyzed functional requirements documentation
  • Estimated related charges and impacts of current customization
  • Produced technical specifications and design documentation
  • Customization and unitary testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Pushed developments to production and assisted end users during go live
  • Managed day-to-day administration


French industrial group specializing in energy recovery solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous waste, including treatment of non-recoverable waste through storage or thermal processing, no matter the nature of waste, with a turnover of 450 million euros


Project objectives

Integrate a new client onto the Primexis Cloud platform. SAP Financial Consolidation selected to replace their current consolidation and reporting solution, Talentia. Primexis’ team played a double role in the project, leading specifications design and solution implementation.


Our achievements  

  • Functional design of the application
  • Technical design of the final solution
  • Enhanced of the inter-company process
  • Standardized historical data migration
  • Assisted during Users Acceptance Test (UAT) phase
  • Assisted with change management
  • Customized major dedicated enhancements: staggered closing, Tax Proof, etc.
  • Implemented Cash Flow Statement with an improved audit trail and enabled time tag changes


Group specialized in trade credit insurance with a turnover of 1.6 billion euros


Project objectives

Implement a Service Pack for SAP Financial Consolidation software following a discrepancy when saving data during the closing period


Our achievements  

  • Analyzed the issue and approved the recommended solution provided by SAP
  • Installed SAP Financial Consolidation software with the internal technical team
  • Technical approval
  • Wrote documentation
  • Pushed to production

Client testimonial  

How Allianz Trade succeeded in implementing IFRS9&17 standards with Primexis’ assistance 

Sohary Pouliquen, manager of the team in charge of Allianz Trade Group’s Consolidation and Reporting tools, and Nadège Raviart, director of Primexis’ Group Information System team, share their experience in carrying out a project to implement IFRS9&17 standards.  

Because of this successful collaboration, Allianz Trade Group was able to take full advantage of Primexis’ expertise and improve its operational efficiency while ensuring that its financial reports were in compliance with the strictest international standards.  

Our teams,
Our skills

Our team is made up of experienced professionals, who are trained and certified in the leading EPM solutions. 

  • Our consultants are experts in the fields of consolidation, financial reporting, and project management, whether it is in functional design or customization 
  • Experts in EPM solutions from leading software vendors, for whom Primexis is a trusted partner 
  • Our consultants are trained in the art of consolidation and reporting, which makes discussions with finance departments easier
  • Expertise in project management organization and risk assessment
  • Our team can adapt to any client’s environment and rapidly become independent when handling the assigned tasks

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