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Finance Transformation

Transforming the finance function is crucial for Accounting and Finance Departments, who must anticipate market changes. They also have to incorporate various challenges: organization and process optimization, technical changes and IS developments, societal and environmental challenges, and also human capital management and new forms of work.

Your challenges

Do you need support in successfully transforming your finance department? Do you want to make circulating your company’s financial data more reliable and secure? Are you looking to improve your accounting and financial processes by using automation to fast-track decision-making? Do your processes seem to be neither effective nor efficient, and you are considering taking advantage of new technology to optimize your company’s profitability? Do you have performance management projects?

With their professional expertise, Primexis offers you tailor-made Finance Transformation solutions and an approach that perfectly accommodates the flexibility of digital technology and the rigor of work.

Performance Management Consulting

From auditing existing processes to designing and implementing management and reporting systems, Primexis studies your issues: data model definition, budget process optimization, cash flow modeling, management control structuring, and FP&A solutions.

Our areas of expertise

  • Profitability issues 
  • Growth, fund raising or restructuring  
  • Organizational baseline review (cost centers) 

Digitalization & Processes

Primexis can help review your closing process. For example, to define the Core Model P2P (Iproc), our firm can assist you with the process: from reviewing the specific methodology to recognize accrued invoices to automating supplier invoice accounting.

We also can support you in optimizing your management reports: new technical solutions to produce automated and standardized reports using solutions like Power BI or Board.

Our areas of expertise

  • Reduce closing times
  • Initial public offering (IPO) 
  • Continuous performance improvement 
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Project Management Assistance (PMA)

As part of an accounting or management information system change, Primexis can assist you in carrying out your project and producing deliverables related to the reconciliation phase, defining your needs, testing strategies, recovering data, as well as supporting your teams.  

Working within a finance or business project management team, our consultants combine their knowledge of IS projects and finance, which enables them to be immediately operational and make communicating with all project members easy.

Our areas of expertise

  • Selection assistance and comparative analysis of application solutions 
  • Assistance in defining and implementing accounting and management systems 
  • Assistance in organizing and carrying out functional testing and acceptance phases  
  • Support with changes and operational startup for Finance Department activities 

Project Management (PMO) 

Primexis can assist you in managing your information system development projects, from reconciliation to operational startup, specifically to help you:

  • Implement an effective governance system to control risks and ensure the production of deliverables 
  • Communicate reliable and relevant information to management and project members 
  • Facilitate prioritizing and decision-making 

Our areas of expertise

  • Assist project management in organizing, coordinating, and monitoring the project, as well as producing project deliverables  
  • In the role of an operational interface between the project and a team, project management or IT to help manage their various contributions: needs analysis, tests, and operational startup 
  • Project Management Officer – PMO  
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Collaboration & Teamwork
Concrete examples of Engagements
Performance Management Consulting
Digitization & Process
Project Management


Agri-food group 


Engagement objective 

Optimize finance management tools, and in particular, Reporting and Cash Management issues 


Results obtained 

  • Produced functional specification for the various components of Managerial Free Cash Flow  
  • Helped implement cash reporting under SAP BPC and carried out acceptance work 
  • Defined closing process 
  • Change management 


ETI – All sectors 


Engagement objective 

Within the context of continuous performance, structuring, and Power BI implementation improvement and leader in analysis and Business Intelligence platforms 


Our intervention 

  • Standardized tools to recognize turnover according to the progress method 
  • Implemented specific data sets to manage Industrial and Logistics KPI’s 
  • Implemented dashboards to monitor performance of food points of sale and the related indicators: food costs, labor, food margin 
  • Digitalized customer and supplier item follow-up 

Client & Engagement 

IT Finance sector: adapt Finance group’s IS to business and organizational changes following Brexit’s impacts 


Engagement objectives 

Ensure project management for IT Finance group: corporate finance tools, GL accounting, consolidation, and reporting 


Tasks carried out 

Project management: 

  • Helped define and implement the IT Finance group’s project strategy in collaboration with the business, IT, and project teams 
  • Determined the actions to carry out, cost of expenses, and allocation of resources 
  • Estimated budgets and created schedules  
  • Identified and managed risks and dependencies related to each project 
  • Provided reporting to project members and decision-making bodies (program manager and committees) 
  • Reviewed and analyzed the impact of business requirements 
  • Participated in determining target architecture and identifying the components to deliver – with the finance project manager, the architects, and IT teams 
  • Organized and coordinated the work to be done between the French and Indian IT Finance group teams in collaboration with other teams 


Results achieved 

Delivered the components needed to supply the French finance tools (corporate finance, GL accounting, consolidation, and reporting) in respect to the costs, timeline, and quality defined by the group 

Our teams,
Our skills

Primexis’ Finance Transformation teams are by your side to help improve your financial operations and support you in transforming your organizations from functional evaluation to project execution. We adapt our methodology and allocated resources to your needs and obligations all while guaranteeing business continuity.

  • From a need for specific expertise to a multidisciplinary skill set to address one or more financial transformation issues, we adapt our solution to your structure and your challenges 
  • With experience in international groups, listed companies, and medium-sized groups, our employees have a comprehensive experience 
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