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Primexis provides their clients with a dedicated team of experts who cover all the needs related to Finance Departments’ activities. Our team has strong credentials in large-scale projects in a variety of technical areas. 

Your challenges 

Do you want to implement strategic and operational objectives? Are you looking to incorporate regulatory and prudential regulations as well as optimize IS and develop new technology (stress tests, data management, cloud or big data)? Do you need to process specialist topics by sector (finance, liquidity, or risks) in collaboration with all areas of the finance department? Would you like to benefit from our market segment expertise? 

Primexis’ Bank and Insurance team works in perfect venture with our clients’ requirements and specific culture. 

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Prudential Regulatory & ESG Reporting

Prudential reporting is at the heart of our clients’ strategy, organization, and development. As both an internal management tool and a control tool for supervisory authorities (ECB, ACPR, SRB, and EBA), it allows us to ensure the financial health of banks and insurance companies and measure their risks.  

Against a backdrop of an increasing number of reporting, a growing volume of data to be produced, and constantly evolving standards, our experienced teams can help with production assistance or operational project consulting to improve and optimize your processes.  

Our areas of expertise

  • Producing regulatory reporting in compliance with the standards in force and set by regulatory bodies:  
  • Extra-financial regulatory reporting:  ESG sustainable reporting (CSRD directive, ESRS standards, and green taxonomy) 
  • Financial regulatory reporting: COREP, FINREP, SSM, MREL-TLAC,​ SURFI-RUBA, FMIR, CFR, and CIR 
  • Assisting with regulatory development projects: standardization and harmonization of reporting with IReF and BIRD 
  • Managing and monitoring production indicators for Liquidity (Pillar 3, LCR, and NSFR), Resolution (LDR, MREL, TLAC, etc.), and Solvency (RWA, SCR, etc.) 
  • Continuously improving and optimizing production processes to reduce operational risk and comply with ECB recommendations 

Accounting & Reporting

With our employees’ operational and field experience, we can offer you support and operational reinforcement in a variety of subjects of expertise, such as changes in standards, banking/financial accounting, investment accounting, technical insurance accounting, or compliance. 

Depending on the subject, we can also incorporate our other departments’ expertise: accounting and finance assistance, consolidation, etc. 

Our areas of expertise

  • Assisting with regulatory changes 
  • Producing account statements 
  • Operational and transition management support 
  • Project management 
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Controlling & Data Management​

We cover the entire controlling and performance management processes for banks and insurance companies.  

Our teams also work on analyzing and performing quality control on financial data: data management and data quality.  

Our areas of expertise

  • Producing and analyzing actual and forecasted data 
  • Performance analysis and carrying out studies and business cases 
  • Monitoring project budgets and multi-year modeling 
  • Implementing reports and dashboards 
  • Assistance with financial management and supporting business teams by implementing modeling tools and multidimensional databases in a multi-source environment 

Operational Consulting & Transformation

To meet the various challenges of optimizing organization and data quality and in the face of evolving information systems and regulatory and prudential frameworks, transformation is a constant priority for the Finance Departments of Bank and Insurance companies.  

Finance functions are a central part of the company’s strategy. This is why we offer our wide-ranging expertise to guide you through each phase and stage of your transformation projects and guarantee their operational implementation. 

Our areas of expertise

  • Project management – managing and coordinating your projects or contributing a Finance team for an interdepartmental project 
  • Operational assistance with development projects for the Finance sector in Banking and Insurance, in particular by unifying systems 
  • Assisting with implementation projects following the introduction of a new regulatory / prudential framework: ESG, IReF, BIRD, etc. 
  • Support with implementing and upgrading  your information systems 
  • Change management and support 
  • Optimizing and improving processes 
  • Internal control audit 
Collaboration & Teamwork
Concrete examples of Engagements
Operational Advisory and Transformation Projects
Controlling and Data Management
Operational Assistance and Accounting Audits
Regulatory and Prudential Reports


Leading bank in the Euro zone 


Engagement Objectives

  • Manage the IFRS 9 project within the Group’s Finance Department (6 to 20 consultants) 
  • Organize data collection at the level of the Group’s divisions and entities: draft instructions for the entities on the new data collection and reporting process in compliance with the IFRS 9 and IFRS 15 provisions and the revision of the current code of accounts; analyze data collection and challenge the relevance of the results with the management 
  • Define and implement the strategy and acceptance plan (same for the Dry Run) 
  • Project management: lead committees, monitor the IFRS 9 project’s Social Business Place, answer questions asked by the business lines, drive change within the Group’s Reporting and Finance teams of the divisions and the other functions involved: group controlling, liquidity, and risk management


Results obtained 

  • Implemented IFRS 9 throughout the banking group 


Large French bank 


Engagement Objectives

  • Support the Group in adapting and making the central departments and operational entities’ financial monitoring system operational 
  • Assist business lines and entities 
  • Adapt the financial management framework to the business lines’ operational organization 
  • Manage knowledge transmission 


Results obtained 

  • Reported budgets and key factors to top management and management teams 
  • Adapted target organization in the tools 
  • Optimized production process and enhanced financial management indicators 
  • Trained and assisted internal employees on the new implemented tools and features 


Leading bank insurer in its market 


Engagement Objectives

  • Operational assistance and Solvency 2 reporting management 
  • Secure the production of consolidated accounts and accounting QRTs in compliance with Solvency 2 standards 
  • Coordinating suppliers’ reporting packages for quarterly statements of S2 accounts  
  • Produce consolidated S2 accounts 
  • Produce accounting QRTs 
  • Produce analysis reports for the process owner 
  • Manage SAP FC changes 
  • Monitor standards 
  • Optimize organization of statements to reduce production time 


Results obtained 

  • Reduced production time for quarterly annual statements 
  • Automated tasks 
  • Improved analysis reports 
  • Trained employees  


Leading bank in the Euro zone 


Engagement Objectives

  • Participate in producing 2022 Resolution Report: 
  • Lead the collection process for the RESREP Report, including the 3 statements: CFR, CIR, and FMI
  • Prepare instructions and templates: tab breakdown and concatenation   
  • Feasibility study: continued tool implementation for FMIR and CFR reports for the 2023 closing: 
  • RESREP postmortem and CIR assessment 
  • Functional analysis of environment 
  • Data sourcing optimization 
  • Prepare and organize governance bodies: project committees, workshops, etc. 


Results obtained 

  • Contributed to regulatory reporting of monthly and quarterly statements 
  • Participated in the year-end budget and quarterly estimated processes 

Our teams,
Our skills

Our specialist Bank and Insurance consultants bring together their expertise in bank and insurance accounting, controlling, regulations, data management, consulting, and project methodologies.

  • Our team has a large footprint in operational and consulting, which enables us to provide tailor-made support on challenges such as changes in standards, bank and financial accounting, investment accounting, technical bank accounting, compliance, taxonomy, ESEF, or Solvency II 
  • Our assignments allow us to develop a mastery of the market’s main tools: SAP FI-CO-FC, PowerBI, SQL Terada, Tagetik or Invoke

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