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HR Projects & Diagnostics

Digitalizing SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises (ETIs) has become a major economic performance challenge and also a differentiating factor in retaining new employees. Within its services dedicated Human Resources, Primexis provides its expertise and assists you in exploring and managing your various projects.  

Your challenges 

Are you looking for your future HRIS and Payroll solution? Would you like to know which activities to insource and outsource? Are you looking for a manager to work with on an HR project? Do you need assistance in developing or implementing new HR processes and policies within your group? 

Diagnosis of Payroll & HR Organization 

Our teams can shed light on your organization’s efficiency and provide recommendations for the organizational dimension as well as for information systems. 

Our areas of expertise 

  • Management changes 
  • Optimizing your function 
  • Company takeovers, mergers, or demergers 

Scope Statement & Calls for Tenders 

Primexis works with you throughout the entire process, from identifying your requirements to selecting an HRIS. Our field of experience and knowledge of the technological environment allow us to be pragmatic with our advice. 

Our areas of expertise 

  • Drafting scope statements 
  • Managing calls for tenders 
  • Assistance with selecting solutions, analysis, and advice 
  • Assistance with contractual negotiations   
  • Project management assistance  
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HR Project Management

Our consultants are able to help or manage when implementing your HR projects. They will guarantee that your objectives are met and that your timeline and budget are respected by using efficient, dedicated resources. 

Our areas of expertise

  • Implementing HRIS 
  • Assistance in implementing CSR policies 
  • Employing GDPR 
  • Assistance regarding new HR policies and/or processes and implementing them 
Collaboration & Teamwork
Concrete examples of engagements
Project Management
Payroll Organization Diagnosis
Scope Statement and Calls for Tenders


Player in the energy sector and within the context of an acquisition abroad 


Engagement objectives

  • We worked with an HR department in its project to integrate this new acquisition/country into its international mobility policy
  • We analyzed various HR aspects that needed consideration, such as social protection, remuneration elements, and administrative obligations related to immigration and relocation


Results obtained  

  • A process that complied with the international mobility policy that already existed 
  • Controlled equity within the HR policy regarding other foreign entities in the group 
  • Better visibility in terms of internal mobility for the employees 


Group of companies, product of successive acquisitions 


Engagement objectives

  • Obtain a clear view on how various local or central teams involved in the staff administration and payroll processes function.  
  • Identify technological or organizational optimization opportunities. 


Results obtained  

  • Participated in interview with all players involved 
  • Shared assessments with teams to define a plan of action 
  • Involved general management in change actions 
  • Created a team dedicated to the project and monthly management of the group’s payroll and administrative management tasks 


Group of two Austrian companies wishing to outsource their payroll management and acquire a complete HRIS 


Engagement objectives

Select a service provider able to commit to qualitative payroll production and offer an HRIS adapted to the group’s current and future needs 


Results obtained  

  • Identified the two companies‘ technological needs and expected services  
  • Formulated requirements in the scope statement and in a detailed white paper 
  • Involved various internal players in analyzing responses and defenses 
  • Made clear and collective decision for strong commitment to the planned changes 

Our teams,
our skills

Primexis’ team is specialized in assisting HR managers who are carrying out ambitious projects and who want to have support and advice from experts. 

  • Experienced specialists who are your go-to people for carrying out major projects 
  • More than 15 years of operational experience that allows you to benefit from a team focused on excellence 
  • An independent view of the technological market (HRIS, payroll, paperless system, etc.) to find the best solution for your company 

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