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Performance Management and Operational Consulting – The voice of our experts

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17 November 2022

The voice of our experts #4

Axel Adidi, a senior manager in the Bank and Insurance Consulting department at Primexis for more than 7 years. He assists major banking and insurance groups to improve performance management and help with decision-making within various roles: management control, financial management, reporting, finance transformation, and data management.

In this interview, available on our YouTube channel, Axel talks to us about his experience, his assignments, and the regular problems he encounters in this field and explains Primexis’ specific performance management and operational consulting solution.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Axel Adidi. I am a Senior Manager in the Banking, Insurance and Advisory Department at Primexis. I joined the teams in 2016 and previously I was a Management Controller In banking and insurance environments for about 7 years.

What are your assignments?

The current mission takes place within the financial department of a major French banking group, where I assist the Director of Management Control on a daily basis in managing expenses. of the group.

What types of clients do you assist?

We mainly work within the financial departments of insurance and banking companies. We may also have to intervene in business departments, as soon as there is a financial issue. For example, we are currently working within the Risk Department or the Complacency Department.

Who do you work with from day-to-day?

Our interlocutors are varied, since we are required to discuss with the entire finance sector, both with operational staff and with top management, on management control functions. We are also required to discuss with professional top management to assist them in managing their activity and finally on the functions of transformation, where we will also have to talk with the IT teams.

What are the clients’ main issues?

Insurance companies must evolve in a complex environment and manage more and more data on a daily basis. All the issues are going to be around this data. The first problem that we will encounter is of an operational type, where you will have to be able to interpret the data to be able to come up with a financial discourse. The second problem that we will encounter is more of a transformation nature, where we will be asked to be able to implement BI tools, in order to manage this multitude of data on a daily basis.

What is offered by Primexis’ Performance Management and Operational Consulting proposal?

Within the Banking, Insurance and Consulting department, we offer performance management and operational advice. We propose to intervene in various professions: management control, financial management, reporting, to which we will add a transversal layer, which is data management. In these professions, we want to work on 3 types of services: the first being Operational Assistance, which aims to support the client on a daily basis.

In these issues techniques, the second being Operational Consulting, which aims to provide the client with our technical expertise and provide tactical solutions. And finally, the third level being Transformation – we will support the client in the evolution of our financial businesses, in particular through the digitization of our businesses.

A satisfied client is a client…

A satisfied client is a client who will recognize our operational expertise and who will have this desire to develop a lasting partnership with Primexis.

What are your professional challenges?

For me, the main challenges of the moment will be to succeed in becoming what we call a 2.0 financier, that is to say to have this mastery of financial data, while being able to implement and master the tools in which we integrate data.

Any closing words?

I have been with Primexis for almost 7 years now, and what I still like so much is the team spirit and the will of management to help us evolve within the firm.

Do you want to implement new performance management tools? Are you looking for quality operational support within your premises?

Primexis offers its “Banking and Insurance” clients a dedicated team of specialists, able to respond to all of the finance department needs.

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