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Outsourcing of the consolidation function? The voice of our experts

14 December 2022

Interview with Katia Panaget Senior Manager Consolidation & Reporting at Primexis, specialist accounting and operational consulting firm.

The interview is also available on the Primexis YouTube channel.

Can you introduce yourself?

I am Katia Panaget, Senior Manager in the Consolidation and Reporting department. I mainly work on outsourcing and operational consulting missions. In terms of experience, I first spent 4 years in the Consolidation department of a major French agricultural group, before joining Primexis in 2015.

What are your daily assignements?

I regularly intervene on consolidation outsourcing assignements: I organize the process, I set up the resources, I supervise the work program and I presents the consolidated financial statements to customers and auditors. I also work occasionally on operational consulting missions to, for example, carry out an initial consolidation or calculate the impacts of perimeter variations or of divestments of activities, to implement new IFRS standards, or even to make a transition to these IFRS standards for companies wishing to access the financial markets.

Can you detail us two recent assignements?

To mention recent missions, I recently accompanied a real estate development group in its external growth project, and more specifically in taking control of a target. After this operation, the scope of consolidation has increased by half. The mission is summed up in 4 points: securing data integration, standardizing accounting methods, calculating perimeter variation and accounting for the acquisition gap.

Otherwise, another mission, I also prepared specific financial information for lenders such as regulated markets or banking institutions, in the form either combined accounts, or else stand-alone consolidated accounts at one consolidation level.

What types of clients you are accompagning?

Primexis works with listed and unlisted groups. These are mainly mid-market companies, middle market groups and all sectors combined.

Who are your daily interlocutors?

On a daily basis, we collaborate with the accounting, tax and legal teams. We reconcile our data with reporting departments and treasury departments, and we present an analytical review of the accounts to the financial management and to the auditors.

What are the main problematics of your clients?

The main issues of our clients are: business expertise, the closure schedule and the resource.

What propose the Primexis’ Consolidation & Reporting Support offer?

The specific Primexis offer for outsourcing the consolidation function allows you to delegate either partially, otherwise in full, the production of consolidated accounts. We take charge of the consolidation process, from data collection to the preparation of financial statements and supporting notes in French and IFRS.

And we also assist our clients in regulatory changes and intrinsic events, such as takeovers, refinancing or even implementation. Of share-based payments. In addition, we can provide an integrated solution for consolidating and managing performance.

A satisfied client is a client…

A satisfied client is a client who recognizes the quality of our services, who trusts us, who recommends us but above all who stays.

And finally… What’s your secret?

My secret? I always have two pairs of shoes at work, a few more at home. I have a pair of shoes to get to work faster and another pair for the presentation and the customers.

Primexis is …

Primexis is above all the richness of missions, collaborative work and business expertise. But it is above all colleagues, team spirit and also a great human adventure that I have experienced for more than 7 years… and the adventure continues.


You want to outsource your consolidation function? Primexis intervenes to reinforce your teams, we follow you in your projects.

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