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Good human resources management is essential for companies that want to be competitive and sustainable. The subject is delicate and often requires particular skills and a personalized approach. According to your needs, Primexis can provide you with adapted solutions for optimal staff management. Time-sharing operational management and payroll or software training are among our keys to your success. 

Your challenges 

Are you looking for a professional to manage an HR and/or payroll project with you? Are your teams facing a temporary increase in work? Would you like to secure your Employment Protection Plan (PSE)? Would you like assistance in managing your staff? Do you need to train your payroll team? 

Primexis’ HR Assistance and Payroll training specalists can offer you tailored solutions. 

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Outsourced Services

The secondment of our experts on a time-sharing basis allows you to call regularly or occasionally on a professional. Outsourced services are a flexible solution to provide mastered key skills quickly. 

Our areas of expertise 

  • Reinforce the HR team when implementing a project 
  • Temporarily replace an HR employee 
  • Temporarily replace a payroll supervisor 

Administrative Management of the Employment Protection Plan (PSE)

An Employment Protection Plan (PSE) is highly regulated and requires structured preparation, short deadlines, and long-term management. To help your team manage the extra work, we offer you operational support for your PSE.  

Our areas of expertise 

  • Preparation phase: understanding your context, analyzing the plan’s methods, planning procedures, and putting operating methods into place 
  • Operational phase: calculation simulations, payroll management, deadline monitoring, budget monitoring, and coordinating players 
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Payroll Training

Payroll management requires being up to date on the latest regulations and best practices. Our team only provides trainings (INTRA) where the content is determined with you, in your context, and in your current situation. 

The professional training, which can be carried out in-person or online, allows trainees to be independent in their work. 

Our scope of training expertise 

  • Payroll techniques  
  • Social contributions and declarations 
  • Carrying out controls 

Software Training 

As an integrator partner and certified expert in various applications, our team of consultants can help you master their use and configuration.  

Our different level offers

  • Daily Basic: consulting and extracting databases 
  • Advanced: expert use of the software 
  • Discovery and Advanced configuration 

Software: SilaepaieSilaeRHSilaeRHPROJenjiEdoc, RHSUITE

Collaboration & Teamwork
Concrete examples of engagements
Secondment of Experts
Administrative Management of the Employment Protection Plans (PSEs)
Payroll and Software Training


International player in the packaging sector (20 employees) who wants to implement a Social and Economic Committee (CSE) 


Engagement objectives  

Advise, plan, and assist the director in carrying out elections for its CSE  


Results obtained  

  • Implementing a CSE has contributed to promoting health, safety, and working conditions in the company, which was a particularly sensitive issue for this company 
  • The company was able to implement company agreements 
  • The employees felt more involved and considered because they had been consulted beforehand about the management’s decisions 


Closing a subsidiary of 250 employees, a global distribution group 


Engagement objectives  

  • We assisted the group’s human resources department in the operational management of their PSE 
  • We secured the plan’s calculations, followed the deadlines, and coordinated the players’ actions


Results obtained  

  • Created a unified and dedicated team involved in the same way as the staff on site 
  • Controlled the plan’s social challenges by anticipating actions and responding to questions quickly 
  • Rolled out a plan over a period of more than 12 months without litigation 


Improve payroll and staff management teams’ skills 


Engagement objectives  

Train various members of the client’s team (staff administration, payroll, and manager) and handle the entire cycle, from production to finished product 


Results obtained  

  • Increased confidence and independence in daily actions 
  • Developed skills and created a collective 
  • Created a dynamic environment for learning and sharing about each profession’s tasks 

Our teams,
our skills

Primexis’ team is involved in all components of the HR function with specialists in staff management, training in payroll techniques, and operational management of redundancy plans for SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises (ETIs).  

  • Payroll experts who train your teams on payroll principals and specificities, declarations, and taxes 
  • Consultants able to help you master your software: Silae, Silae RH, Silae RH Pro, Isirh 
  • Proven experience in managing employment protection plans  
  • Experienced management as reinforcement to manage your human resources 

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