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Primexis is a major player in payroll and HRIS services for SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises (ETIs). Our 30-person team is made up of experts in the fields of payroll and HRIS software integration as well as staff administration and payroll management. Our firm can handle all or part of your activities. In France, and abroad, we have the technological solutions and the teams to address your challenges. 

Your challenges  

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient payroll software? Are your challenges to reduce risks and guarantee compliance? Would you like to equip your HR team with advanced technology? Would you like to delegate all or part of your administrative tasks? Is digitalizing processes a major challenge for you?

Primexis’ Payroll and HRIS team has the expertise to offer you tailored solutions and an approach that perfectly combines the flexibility of digital technology and the rigor of work.

Payroll & HRIS Software 

Primexis provides, integrates, and manages a complete, innovative, and adaptable payroll and HRIS software suite. Whether you want to remain independent or to outsource your management, we have the solution adapted to your needs. 

Our scope of expertise 

  • Integrating SaaS payroll software: Silae, Silae RH, and Silae RH PRO 
  • Implementing and managing HRIS (ISIRH) 
  • Paperless pay slips (edoc) 
  • Implementing and managing HR BI: economic, social, and environmental database (BDESE), social balance sheet (bilan social), and gender equality index

Outsourcing Payroll

Free yourselves from payroll and social obligations, ensure compliance, and optimize management processes. Our teams are experts in these sensitive assignments that are strategic for your company. 

Our scope of expertise 

  • Partial or complete handling of payroll processing 
  • Formalizing and documenting processes and procedures 
  • Social declarations, daily social security indemnities (IJSS) management, and tax management 
  • Monitoring legal and collective agreements 
  • Assistance with audits by French social organizations 
  • Company BI: gender equality index, economic, social, and environmental database (BDESE), social balance sheet (bilan social), and individual social report (BSI) 
  • Provide pension accrual (IFC / IDR) reports

International Payroll

Primexis’ English-speaking teams manage the French payroll of large groups or foreign company representatives.  

Our scope of expertise 

  • Setting up administrative and legal procedures: register and declare with French organizations: URSSAF, French National Institute of Statistics (INSEE), health insurance fund (caisse d’assurance maladie), and additional pension funds 
  • Managing pay slips and social contribution declarations: staff administration and assistance with human resource management 
  • Payroll and HR reporting in English 
  • Worldwide payroll with our partners 

Staff Administration Management

SMEs must ensure the proper management of their staff through a certain number of administrative, legal, and compulsory operations. Our teams can handle all or part of these day-to-day operations and provide you with relevant advice. 

Our scope of expertise 

  • Managing new employee process: preboarding, contract, and onboarding 
  • Monitoring deadlines, surveys, and statistical declarations 
  • Administrative management of trainings and medical visits 
  • Producing certificates and amending contracts 
  • On-site or remote assistance 
  • Operational advice on best practices 
Collaboration & Teamwork
Concrete examples of engagements
Payroll and HRIS Software
Outsourcing Payroll
International Payroll
Staff Administration Management


Group with many companies (real estate sector) wanting to optimize its staff and HR management 


Engagement objectives 

Working with the HR Department to optimize its payroll and staff management. Implementing a full HRIS (connected to the payroll software) to digitalize and streamline HR actions: onboarding, evaluation, interviews, and trainings


Results obtained 

  • Improved user experience by using a single HR software 
  • Increased productivity and simplified and centralized HR actions 
  • Digitalized HR Department by providing modern software


A new company integrated into a pharmaceutical group 


Engagement objectives 

Integrating a new French company owned by a German group. Working with and supporting the French teams in their operational management of payroll. Implementing a standardized organization and dedicated support team to take care of numerous administrative tasks  


Results obtained 

  • Stabilized payroll operations with a newfound serenity for the French teams  
  • Structured exchanges, managed relationships to ensure the necessary support, and dealt with structuring issues 
  • Client team became more available for its employees and carried out transversal HR projects 


Companies based in France and operating in global groups looking for English-speaking teams 


Engagement objectives 

Manage payroll and provide relationship and reporting (in English) for the group’s French companies 


Results obtained 

  • Facilitated communication and understanding of local and global issues  
  • Serenity for the French teams was made possible through the support provided in managing the group’s requests  
  • Customized reporting in compliance with local and global expectations 


Company with less than 100 employees wanting to secure its HR actions  


Engagement objectives 

Offering managers advice on staff management and providing them with adapted daily services by implementing simple, innovative, and intuitive digital solutions  


Results obtained 

  • Quality assurance: handled staff administration: preboarding, contracts, and affiliations
  • Trusted partner: advised and managed HR obligations and procedures: elections and drafting agreements
  • Business support: the managing team focused on the company’s development

Our teams,
our skills

Primexis’ Payroll and HRIS team is specialized in the day-to-day management of staff administration and payroll in French and international environments.

  • A team trained in payroll techniques and constantly monitoring regulatory changes 
  • Vast experience in international groups and extensive knowledge of the organization of medium-sized groups in France and abroad 
  • Consultants at the cutting edge of technology and capable of assisting you with structuring your next HRIS 
  • Good command of the main tools on the market which allows us to intervene at any time to support your team 

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