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Do you want to set up a new Consolidation and Reporting tool or upgrade your existing application? – The voice of our experts

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31 October 2022

The voice of our experts

To better understand how Primexis support companies in deploying new digital services or improving existing ones, Quentin Savary, Group Information Systems Integration Manager, details his missions, work methodologies and the new challenges strategies in an increasingly digital world. He also discusses Primexis’ quick Group Information Systems Integration solution.

The interview is also available on the Primexis YouTube channel.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Quentin Savary. I am part of the Group Information Systems team at Primexis. I joined the firm eight years ago as a consultant, and now, I am a manager.

What are your assignments?

My assignments are very varied, which is the richness of this profession. I carry out projects to implement reporting and consolidation solutions for our clients. Depending on the assignment, I intervene at various stages of the project, ranging from assistance to project management (AMOA), through configuration, but also the installment part of solutions with all that that entails. I also assist clients who already have reporting and consolidation solutions with their request for configuration changes.

What types of clients do you assist?

Our teams work mainly with large-sized listed groups, in all sectors of activity combined: banks, insurance companies, industry, and also services. We also support unlisted mid-sized companies.

Who do you work with from day-to-day?

I work in close collaboration with financial departments, mainly consolidation teams, accounting teams, and management control groups. Depending on the assignment, I also sometimes work in collaboration with IT departments, on a more ad hoc basis, to meet more specific needs.

What are the clients’ main issues?

Our clients’ main issue is to have access to reliable, centralized, and quickly available information. This information will allow them to analyze their activities in real time, to establish simulation scenarios and planning, and to implement action plans accordingly. Some clients will also need to update their tools to be able to meet normative and regulatory needs.

What is offered by Primexis’ Group Systems Integration’s proposal?

Primexis’ Group Information Systems Integration’s specific proposal offers a team of technical and functional experts in leading solutions on the French market. Our teams can intervene at the various stages of a project, namely requirement collection, general design and specifications, configuration, or even user training. For clients who wish to do so, Primexis also offers hosting on its Primexis Cloud platform.

A satisfied client is a client

A satisfied client is a client who trusts us over time and to whom we have provided a technical solution that facilitates and simplifies their daily tasks.

Any closing words?

After spending 5 years in Spain and 8 years with Primexis, I find my job as exciting as ever, and I still look forward to many, many years in this sector!

Do you want to implement a new Consolidation & Reporting tool? Or improve your current application? We intervene to assist your teams.

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