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Paris : capital of Research & Development Investment !

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20 June 2019
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The annual KPGM survey of foreign investment* in the world’s major cities puts Ile-de-France at the forefront of research and development centres with 47 projects in 2018.

Paris Investments Place Europe ahead of Asia

Particularly encouraging for its future, Paris is the world leader in research and development investment with 47 projects. The Paris capital region recorded a 34% increase in the number of projects between 2017 and 2018.

« R&D investments are particularly strategic » said Lionel Grotto,  Managing Director of Paris Région Entreprises…

« They are the first brick of knowledge production and industrial revitilasation. In addition, the jobs created by the creation and expansion of R&D centres are highly qualified and bring high added value. »

Other International capitals recording R&D investment growth by the KPMG investment survey were :

  • Singapore (42 projects),
  • Bangalore (33 projects),
  • Barcelona (29 projects),
  • Shanghai (24 projects)

*KPMG survey has been conducted for the association of large companies Paris Ile-de-France Capitale Economique, which Paris Region Entreprises joined this year. This study only takes into account the so-called “greenfield” investments recorded worldwide by the Financial Times database. Excluded are mergers and acquisitions, privatisations and alliances, purely financial investments and joint ventures.

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