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Paris Places 2nd in 2018 International Investments

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27 June 2019
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Paris is now the second largest destination in the world for international investments made in 2018, behind London but ahead of Singapore, according to the KPMG Global Cities Investment Monitor study released on Tuesday, June 18.


The figures are good news for France and the Paris Region in particular. Paris replaces Singapour as number 2 for investment acitivity in 2018.  Dubai, remains in fourth place, followed by New York, and Shanghai ( a drop from fifth to sixth place).

Overall, Europe accounts for 43% of international investment, making it the world’s leading destination in this area. The Asia-Pacific region is distant second with a 27% share, but it is growing by 17%. Third destination, North America with 12% of international investment and (loss of 1%).

It is followed by South America, which increased by 34% to reach a share of 10%. This is a good news  for this region, particularly because of the uncertainties surrounding the Brazilian economy. The Middle East grew by 10% and Africa by 7% to tie for a 4% share of international investments.

The Brexit Effect

 « International investments were up 80% in Paris last year. This was by far the highest percentage among global cities and a probable record-breaker. Paris reached the top 3. The gap with the leader was even more reduced for strategic investments. Paris emerged as the winning global city in postBrexit Europe, way ahead of competitors. Can it last? International investors think so. They even think Paris will be one of the two global cities whose attractiveness will increase the most over the next years. Investors now recognize that Paris is a top player under most criteria. The perception of a global business hub is definitely there, besides the top brand for quality of life. »

Global Cities Investment Monitor 2018, editorial

As the Managing Director of Paris Region Entreprises explained : “In the context of Brexit, Ile-de-France is far and away the leading region in continental Europe as a land of investment reception.  When, in 2018, Ile-de-France receives more than 400 locations, the second European region attracts 215, while Dublin, often cited as one of the region’s main competitors, is only fourth after Madrid with only 132 projects.”

Following similar positive results from EY investment studies released earlier in the year, the economic forecast for Paris, in terms of foreign investment is very welcome news for all of France.

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