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Primexis awarded
“International Partner of the Year”
by Fluence

5 April 2024

Fluence, an integrated platform specializing in financial closing, consolidation, and reporting, designated Primexis as the “International Partner of the Year 2023”.

This distinction is a recognition of the quality of work done by our teams, which is based on solid expertise and a continuous commitment to innovation.

Fluence’s solutions provide a clear and precise view of financial and non-financial data, enabling our clients to gain a better understanding of their financial situation and make informed decisions. By combining the best of technology with a no-code functional approach, Fluence is revolutionizing the consolidation market with a powerful and robust tool.

Primexis works closely with Fluence Technologies to provide scalable solutions for intra-group accounting reconciliation, consolidation, reporting, and disclosure management.

Primexis plays a significant role in assisting growing companies in modernizing their financial consolidation and closing processes using Fluence. Their expertise in the field and implementation is a valuable asset for Fluence. Congratulations to Primexis for its exceptional contribution.

Michael Morrison

PDG – Fluence Technologies

We consider Fluence as a modern and user-friendly solution for companies looking to replace their old consolidation software, regardless of the complexity of the processes. It is a major innovation in the landscape of Consolidation & Reporting solutions.

Photo Associé Primexis - Matthew Parry

Matthew Parry

Partner Group Information System Integration

To learn more about the skills of our team of 30 specialists in Group Information Systems, who possess both technical and functional expertise, click here.

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