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SME: Access to HR and Consulting Services Co-Financed by the French government 

15 December 2023

Does your company have fewer than 250 employees and is not affiliated with a group with more than 250 employees? Would you like to improve your HR strategy or adapt your human resources management to your business’s development? 

You can take advantage of the Human Resources Consulting Service (PCRH), which allows your company, or a group of companies, to benefit from human resources support provided by an external service provider and co-financed by the French government.  

Primexis’ areas of expertise 

Thanks to its business expertise, Primexis help you develop your human capital and help imagine your HR organization of tomorrow. 

What is the support ? 

The service can be provided in two distinct ways : 

  • – Individual assistance
  • – Assistance for a group of companies linked by common characteristics, such as the same industry, sector, or territory or shared challenges 

How long does the support last ? 

The support is flexible and adapted to your needs. It can last up to 30 days over a 12-month period.  

What is the total amount of the assistance ? 

The French government covers up to 50% of the cost, excluding tax, with a cap of €15,000 for both individual and group support (regardless of the number of companies involved).  

The service can be financed up to 100% by the French government and other co-financing organizations, generally, your skills operators (OPCO), under certain conditions.

The subsidy is granted according to the company’s project and can cover the full cost of the project. 

How to take advantage of this service ? 

To benefit from this subsidy, the company must first submit their request to the (Regional) Directorates of Economy, Employment, Labor, and Solidarity (D(R)EETS) or OPCO using a subsidy form along with the supporting documents and a description of the project. 

The aid is paid directly to the beneficiary company at the end of the support and after :

  •  – The presentation of acceptance of a final quantitative and financial report.
  • – A document listing recommendations.
  • – The jointly developed action plan. 

The total cost of the service must be paid directly by the company to the service provider. 

Primexis can help you with the process, so do not hesitate to contact us.  

Nathalie Severin

Director Social Affairs and HR Consulting

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