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Put finance management at the heart of your IT department

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8 June 2022

Put finance management at the heart of your IT department

Listen to Marjolaine Vuarnesson, senior manager, and Sara Snoussi, senior consultant, talk about their career paths and daily assignments and explain the specificities of IT management control and Primexis’ specific proposal for IT departments.


Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Marjolaine : My name is Marjolaine Vuarnesson. I worked for about 10 years in different companies, as an Industrial Management Controller, before joining Primexis 11 years ago. I am now a Senior Manager.

Sara : My name is Sara, also a Senior Consultant at Primexis. I joined the firm 5 months ago now, and before that I was a Management Controller in a Finance department, an IT department, a large French automotive group.


What are your daily tasks?

Marjolaine: As a Manager, I carry out various missions of transition management or consulting. Since 2012, I have regularly accompanied the Finance department of CIOs of large groups.

Sara: I joined the Primexis team in order to support and assist the various clients on management control support missions, whether at a corporate level, but also on much more operational missions.


What are the specificities of IT Management Control?

Sara: The main objective of the Finance departments Controller is to manage the various projects that are developed within the IT department. To do this management, it is necessary to follow the costs that are linked to these projects. First of all, by evaluating the time of resources that are spent on projects, determining the different costs that are related to development and build, determining and categorizing the costs related to Run.

As an example, we have maintenance costs and licensing costs, then defining the re-invoicing that are to be made between the IT Department and the other departments and how do we define this re-invoicing by calculating units of works.


What kind of clients do you support with issues related to IT management?

 Marjolaine: We support the Finance department of CIOs of large groups in different sectors. The service sector, the distribution sector, the banking sector. To give you an example, I intervened in an IT department of a large group in the transport sector, I accompanied the Finance department in setting up the strategic and financial management department. In this context, I was led to redefine the scope of the IT department, to set up a Reporting, to propose a new analytical framework, in order to make the invoicing of costs reliable to client entities, and finally to set up the budget process and the reforecast.


What does Primexis specificially offer for IT management?

Marjolaine: After various assignments carried out in the financial departments of Finance departments, we have understood that there was a real need among our clients. So we deployed our Primexis IT department Management Control offer. We offer our customers the opportunity to intervene with resources that have knowledge of operational issues in the IT environment.

We work on 3 themes: Mastering the challenges of Build and Run, analyze the cost structure of an IT department and support the strategic management of the activity.


Any closing words?

Marjolaine:  I am very happy to have worked for so many years in a firm like Primexis, with a team of motivated and dynamic collaborators. I am ready to do 10 more years and continue to support our clients.

Sara: To conclude, I would say that working within the firm Primexis is really to have a role of Business Partner with its different clients and the added benefit, it is really the community that has been created around the various consultants, in a friendly and warm atmosphere.


Do you need management controllers to support you with corporate or operational issues? With an in-depth knowledge of ERP and reporting solutions, our team of 25 consultants brings you its expertise within the context of management control, performance management consulting and project management assistance projects.

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