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Primexis is a partner of the event CCH®Tagetik inTouch Paris User Day 2022

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7 June 2022

On June 21, 2022 Primexis will participate in CCH Tagetik inTouch Paris User Day, the not-to-be-missed annual meeting of the entire Tagetik ecosystem in France.

This event is the opportunity to discover innovations related to the management of financial and operational performance, to listen to the experts and opinion leaders in Finance and present the latest technology in the finance sector.


The highlights of the event:

  • The future of statutory consolidation : Presentation of the Baromètre Conso 2022 results on the changes related to statutory consolidation

Séverine Guy | Arnaud Guerin

  • How to develop your statutory consolidation tools towards finding a modern, collaborative and innovative solution?

Fouzia Mendli

  • Accelerate your closing, improve transparency by taking control of account reconciliation

Fouzia Mendli

  • Supply Chain Planning: Digitalize to improve your operational performance

Sandra Nagib

  • Budgetary elaboration, planning and projections : Enter the new era of planning!

Stéphanie de Lillo | Stéphane Plat | Thierry Rey | Ludovic Séau

  • ESG and Green Reporting l The new challenges of CSR reporting : How to deal with green taxonomy?

Alexandre Constantinescu  | Emmanuel Candeias  | Thomas Chenail

  • Manage your total payroll budget : How to put in place pertinent performance indicators?

Emmanuel Candeias

  • Optimize your performance with CCH Tagetik on SAP Hana, the most powerful management platform

Thomas Chenail

  • Transforming today, a new reason to be ? How to face the challenges of a constantly changing company? Simulation, planning and reporting to accompany the transformation of the company

Laurence Yvon | Vincent Salmon

  • How can the company reconcile its social and environmental issues with its objectives for economic growth?

Dominique Seux

  • What’s new? Discover the CCH Tagetik 2022 innovations to improve your business

Vincent Salmon

  • Round Table Clients CCH Tagetik : Foreseeing the unforeseeable? How to manage one’s company in an uncertain environment? How does technology contribute to anticipating the risks and to better apprehend them?

Arnaud Dutang  | Alexis Levêque  | Pierre-Yves Malgogne


On this day, come find the experts from Primexis who will be available to share their experiences and talk about your issues and projects. Don’t hesitate to come meet them!

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