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Interview with Gaëtan Lemaître
Payroll and HRIS Partner at Primexis,
in Entreprendre magazine

14 February 2024

Gaëtan Lemaître, Payroll and HRIS Partner at Primexis, was interviewed in the February 2024 issue of Entreprendre magazine. He highlights Primexis’ value proposition to HR managers of SMEs and mid-market companies in the fields of payroll and human resources. 

Primexis’ main HR services are based on 3 pillars: 

– Outsourcing the entire payroll process, from data collection via a dedicated tool (management of absences, etc.) to issuing pay slips in compliance with legislation; 

– Integrating software, such as Silae (Primexis is certified as a Top 100 Silae partner), with training and skill enhancement for client teams; 

– HR consulting, providing a part-time HR manager to handle all day-to-day tasks: social dialogue, training plans, appraisal interviews, or elections. 

Thanks to this 360° offering, we support companies that are not large enough to have their own HR department or are looking to benefit from technology that is easy to implement, maintain, and use, all within a reasonable budget. We also provide support to SMEs and mid-market companies that need help with internal structuring, producing social indicators, or acquiring innovative technologies to be integrated into APIs.

Photo Associé Primexis - Gaetan Lemaître

Gaëtan Lemaître



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