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France to Lower Corporate Income Tax Rate decreases from 2018-2022

Primexis Insights
25 September 2017
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The finance law enacted for 2017 has introduced a progressive decrease in the Corporate Income Tax (CIT) rate – see the article from Soizic De Araujo dated 7 February 2017 (1). This decrease will be progressively extended to all companies to reach a 28 % normal rate by 2020.

Macron Government announces:

In a recent announcement (30 August 2017), the Finance Minister, Bruno Lemaire laid out plans to cut the CIT rate to reach a 25 % rate by 2022. This decrease should be progressive – see below the difference between the 2017 finance law (enacted) and the announcement of the Finance Minister.

Is it definitive?

Please note that these announcements should normally be in the 2018 finance law project, which is not yet available (enacted at the end of 2017 year). We will of course follow-up on this important news and keep you posted.

(1) Article « France lowers tax rate on SMEs »,

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