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Primexis Implements COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan   

New Insight
17 March 2020

All of our Partners and employees are commited to limiting any potential disruptions to our client’s business that might be caused by the COVID-19 situation in France.

Since 16 March, Primexis has put into operation its business continuity plan, which includes expanding our remote working policy. All of the firm’s employees, without exception, are teleworking in order to protect their health and contribute to the collective effort to combat the spread of the virus.

Our offices are now closed until further notice and all meetings are being reorganized by phone and/or videoconference.

Primexis is equipped with a high-performance and secure information system, one that enables all our employees to ensure the continuity and quality of our services, by providing them full access to our files and software.

To date, the firm is operating at full capacity and has all the resources necessary for the smooth running of its activities.

In addition, Primexis has set up an internal COVID 19 unit which actively monitors and can react to any new developments.

Your operational contacts at Primexis remain at your disposal for any further information.

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