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Primexis is pleased to announce our
partnership with DataBlend

12 April 2024

Primexis is pleased to announce our partnership with DataBlend in France, Cloud-based integration solution streamlining Data Consolidation for Finance & Accounting Professionals. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to always offer our clients high-performance and scalable solutions that help improve their operational efficiency and make informed strategic decisions.

DataBlend is an all-in-one solution that simplifies and speeds up the data integration process. It efficiently handles large volumes of data and automates tedious tasks, resulting in cost and time efficiency during implementation.

The platform simplifies centralized data management and synchronization from various sources, making their management easier. Additionally, DataBlend incorporates advanced security measures to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data.

DataBlend is an iPaaS (integration platform-as-a-service) solution designed exclusively to integrate the everyday applications that finance and accounting departments rely on. Its niche focus allows it to bring value to end-users by automating data workflows, transformations, and uploads that would otherwise be manual and very time-consuming. With DataBlend, there are no wait times for data to process, no data errors, and no rushing to close out month-end reports.

To learn more, feel free to contact one of our specialists: Matthew Parry – Vincent Thieriot

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