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Primexis organise the Welcome Seminar

9 November 2016
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Primexis Welcome Seminar

Primexis as a french accounting firm has just held its first employees orientation seminar of the year.

In a friendly and relaxed setting outside of Paris, 30 new employees gathered in Chantilly to participate in workshops about the firm and in teambuilding activities. For new employees joining Primexis, the orientation is an important first step for building new professional relationships and giving them an overview of the firm and its activities.

At Primexis, assisting new employees integrate into our firm is much more than just welcoming them and introducing them to other staff. We view their integration as a process, to facilitate their arrival, but also to accompany them as they increase their knowledge about the firm and assume their professional roles.

The first day of the seminar focuses on the firm: its history, its values and the HR policies in place for building each employee’s personal and professional development while at Primexis. A team building activity closes the first day.

During the second day, the firm’s Partners and Directors facilitate workshops on their different areas and departments. These interactive workshops are 30 minutes long and have been specifically designed to promote lively exchanges and accentuate the firm’s culture.

In addition to this orientation seminar, each new employee is accompanied by an « ambassador » of the firm during his/her first three months. The ambassador is someone who will be available to guide them in all the practical and technical dimensions of their work, and of getting fully acclimated in their departments and the firm.

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