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Primexis: 5 questions for Olivier Touchard

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3 March 2022

Olivier Touchard, chairman of Primexis, was invited by Stéphane Soumier to the set of B SMART TV on Tuesday 22 February 2022.

Visit our YouTube channel to discover his analysis of the needs of finance departments and the current market environment (English subtitles)


May you present Primexis ?

Primexis is an operational consulting and accounting firm founded in the early 80s, located at La Défense. This particular placement at the heart of this ecosystem is one of our strengths. Our clients are large real estate investment funds, banks, insurance companies and industries. Despite the crisis, we achieved a sales turnover of 39 million euros in 2021, which is a 15% increase.

What do you ascertain from the technological, administrative and accounting changes ?

For very large companies, we observe an increase in size, with hundreds and even thousands of subsidiaries around the world. The large companies are uniting, as can be seen with the merger of Véolia and Suez in which we are involved. These changes cause an upheaval in the organization of companies and their information systems. Companies then need operational consulting to set up these systems and to produce accounts and taxation. Concerning accounting and taxation regulations, the day-to-day changes in international standards require precise skills related to these topics. The ERPs are also changing, with new products and new actors emerging.

How do you help your clients meet these challenges ? 

We do not carry out audits nor do we offer the services of statutory auditors since we wish to concentrate on completing projects for our clients, their transformation and their accounts. We’ve been in Paris for more than 40 years so our experience grants us a valuable expertise and network. We are also constantly following new matters and new regulations.

What is your analysis of the war for talent that is raging in your sector ?

Currently, we are in full employment, even more so. In order to continue our organic growth, we are looking for new collaborators with brilliant qualities and skills. Besides an approach that is as inclusive as possible and paying special attention to the quality of working conditions, we offer our collaborators the possibility of working alongside prestigious clients and evolving professionally.

What are Primexis’ plans ?

In 2019, we set up a plan that will last until 2024. The goal is to continue to grow, so as to generate a sales turnover of 45 million euros, to continue to handle the more specialized and precise requests of our clients. We would also like to enlarge our board of partners. If today there are 13 of us, our aim is to have 20 partners by 2024.

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