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Primexis wins the 2019 Edge Award Cultural Innovation

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22 January 2020
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LEA Communication :  Primexis winning the Cultural Innovation LEA EDGE Award 

When this firm had both the need and a unique opportunity to change its office location, it didn’t simply change where the work was done. It changed how the work was done.

Employing extensive preparation involving diligent communication, extensive employee input, intricate organization and a team-based approach, the firm transitioned its new office setting into a flexwork space. Instead of 200 individual workstations and 32 collaborative spaces, the firm now has 100 individual workstations and180 collaborative spaces.

Employees no longer have a dedicate workspace and can freely choose the space best suited to their activity for the day. 25% of its work force now telecommutes, and digitalization has been vastly accelerated, reducing printing by 40%.

Congratulations to Primexis!


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