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Interview with the Tax Manager of Edgen Murray Europe

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6 February 2019
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Edgen Murray, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, is a leading global supplier of specialized products for worldwide energy and infrastructure markets. They manage procurement and provide value-added services and delivery of high-performance plate, sections, pipe, fittings, flanges, and valves. Their global distribution platform expands across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region.

« They were extremely prepared at such short notice and added value to the meeting »

We were recently issued with a notice that our company would undergo a French Tax Audit.  As Tax Manager, based in the UK, I look after the tax affairs for our French subsidiary and I was responsible for assisting with this audit. For the initial meeting with the Tax Inspector I had to rely on our Finance Assistant, based in our Paris office, to sit in the meeting with me in order to translate / act as an Interpreter as I was made aware from the outset that the meeting would be conducted in French.

Unfortunately two days before the meeting my colleague had to take some emergency annual leave. I contacted Primexis to advise them of this and at very short notice I required someone who was familiar with our financial statements to accompany me to this meeting with the Tax Inspector. Primexis replied straight away advising that this would not be an issue and they would be able to help. I then met with them the day before the meeting and the team at Primexis talked me through how they anticipated the meeting would go.

They also took time out to understand our worldwide operations so that they were best prepared for the questions that would be asked. Furthermore they arranged a mandate that would be required by the Tax Inspector to instruct me to speak to them on behalf of my employer. I then had a Primexis employee who works on our accounts arrive at our offices ahead of the meeting. I was extremely impressed with their quick offer to help and their professionalism throughout the process. They were extremely prepared at such short notice and added value to the meeting.


Colin Bain,

Tax Manager

Eastern Hemisphere


Edgen Murray Europe Ltd

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