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Interview with the Director of Internal Audit and Special Projects – Astronics

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22 December 2016
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Astonicsis a leading supplier of advanced technologies and products to the global aerospace, defense and semiconductor industries. Astronics’ products include advanced, high-performance electrical power generation and distribution systems, lighting and safety systems, avionics products, aircraft structures, engineering design and systems certification, and automatic test systems.

The Astronics- Aerospace segment acquired the French company PGA Electronic s.a. on December 2013. PGA designs and manufactures seat motion and lighting systems primarily for business and first class aircraft seats and is Europe’s leading provider of in-flight entertainment/communication systems as well as cabin management systems for private VVIP aircraft. The addition of PGA is a strategic fit for Astronics as it further diversifies the products and technologies that Astronics offers.

PGA was Astronics’ first large acquisition in Europe. Primexis was recommended to Astronics by one of our strategic business partners, Freed Maxick CPAs P.C.

“ We were looking for a single service provider that could assist us with:

  • French GAAP to US GAAP conversion,
  • Assessment of the effectiveness and testing of internal controls at a level which will satisfy the requirements of Section 404 of The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 and
  • Compliance with all levels of taxation in France and the continent of Europe.

It was also very important to us that our European strategic partner be able to communicate to us in English.

I recall that my first encounter with the Primexis team was both very professional and positive. They understood our immediate needs and helped us achieve our goals to allow for us to properly report our earnings in our quarterly and annual filings with the Security Exchange Commission. I believe that our relationship with Primexis has only strengthened since first engaging them. Astronics looks forward to a long and beneficial strategic partnership with Primexis in the years ahead. ”

T A Hammond Jr. CPA
Director of Internal Audit and Special Projects
Astronics Corporation
Astronics www.

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