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31 August 2022

The voice of our experts experts | Interview with Victor Arnaud, Manager Consolidation and Reporting at Primexis


Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Victor Arnaud, I have been working for 8 years in the Primexis Consolidation and Reporting department. I am a Manager and I mainly work with clients on assistance and operational advice missions.


What are your missions?

I work on 2 types of missions: assistance to the consolidation department for the production of their accounts and advisory missions on specific issues, such as the implementation of in place of new standards or new internal reports.


Can you detail us two recent missions ?

I recently worked on the carve-out of the business of a large listed group where I prepared the combined accounts of the new group and the consolidated accounts of the remaining group, while streamlining the transition from the old situation to the new one. And currently I work in the financial department of another listed group where I am replacing the Director of Consolidation. I therefore supervise the Consolidation team, while ensuring the continuity of operations.


What types of customers you are accompagning?

At Primexis, we work for both mid-sized companies and large groups listed on the CAC 40, in the services sector, industry, but also of the bank and of insurance. Over the course of my career, I have worked for all types of clients. customers.


Who are your daily interlocutors?

I work with the client’s Consolidation team, the Consolidation Director and often the financial directors.


What are the main problematics of your customers?

I encounter 4 problems: Peak activity, loss of skills or talent, specific consolidation topics such as acquisitions, divestitures or abandoned activities and the new IFRS standards and even RSE.


What propose the Primexis’s Consolidation & Reporting Support offer?

Primexis offers consultants specialized in Consolidation and Reporting or multi-consultant arrangements, often accompanied by a manager, either to reinforce the team Consolidation, either to work on specific, normative or organization-related consolidation topics, such as projects to reduce closing times or implementation projects in place of tools where we provide project management assistance. o


A satisfied customer is a customer…

He is a customer who calls on us again. At Primexis we have a high retention rate. Our customers are satisfied and they ask us about other areas of the financial department, such as Management Control or Accountancy.


The question you get asked regularly?

Why am I still wearing ties when nobody wears them anymore! But I like it!


And a final word for the end…

I joined Primexis Senior Consultant 8 years ago. Today, I am a Manager and I still enjoy my relationship with management and teams as much as ever. So it’s not over yet. It’s time to last!


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